Accent Reduction

In this ‘shrinking’ world, if you have an accent or dialect from your home country or community, it is both an advantage and disadvantage. It adds a unique interest and appeal for North American listeners, but also sometimes adds the challenge of being understood, or may cause you to be seen in only one way. If you’re an actor looking to work in North America – be it theatre, film/tv, or voiceover – having a solid General American dialect is a great asset.

During the first coaching session, I assess your voice and skill level, and build a personal program appropriate to achieve the change you want. We start with basic sound changes, and create exercises to help with your vocal challenges. If there are to be more sessions, we then work more specifically to realise your accent goal.

of interest

The International Phonetic Alphabet (or the I.P.A.) represents all the sounds a human can make. See how the mouth moves with each different symbol with this great animation designed by the University of Iowa.

The International Dialects of English Archive has compiled over 1000 different dialect samples. Most include the subjects reading the same speech, so you can compare their accents.

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for example

Take a listen to these actors who have perfected their General American.

Hugh Laurie

Simon Baker

Meryl Streep